Ombre Geometric Paper Vase

Today I’m sharing a simple decorative technique using my Tall Geometric Holder die and watercolor paints. The geometric holder assembles very easily but with a little ombre effect, you can make it even more special.


Supplies used: 12″ x 12″ watercolor paper with printed and clear embossed pattern, Geometric Holder, 3-D Tall by Sizzix, watercolor paints, brushes, adhesives.

Start by die cutting a plain piece of paper using the Geometric Holder die to create a template.

Flip over the main piece and mark the “Bottom” and “Top” for reference. The bottom is the tab with a single crease line. The top has double crease lines. This piece will be used as a template when die cutting the painted ombre paper.

To create the ombre look, begin by cutting the watercolor paper in half to measure 6″ x 12″ strips.

Using a wide brush, liberally apply clean water to the bottom half of the paper strip.


Apply the darkest color along the bottom and add lighter colors while the paper is still wet. This will create the ombre effect. Repeat painting on both strips of paper.


Once the paper is dry, lay your template piece on top and align the template bottom with the bottom of the paper. Lightly draw a pencil line a little larger than the template size. Mark two angled lines per strip of watercolor paper.

Hand cut along the pencil lines to create a total of four pieces from the two strips of paper.

Carefully place the hand-cut piece onto the die, aligning the top and bottom as indicated on the template. Die cut to create four shapes. all_cut
Die cut the square shape from the remaining scrap of watercolor paper. All four shapes should have the ombre effect along the bottom when aligned as shown.

Fold all crease lines away from you to create mountain folds. Each piece has seven crease lines. There are two narrow crease lines along the top of each shape.

Apply red tape adhesive to the bottom tab and two side tabs.

Apply red tape adhesive to the back side of the top tab as shown.


Adhere the bottom tabs to the square.

Start adhering the side tabs and work your way up. {Inside view}

{Outside view}

Continue adhering all side tabs to create the vase shape.

Create a narrow lip along the top by leaving the double crease lines as the top lip and adhering the tab inside.

Fill the geometric holder with pebbles for added weight and use as a pencil holder or place a small cup inside to hold water and use as a vase. Enjoy!

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