Tropicool Twist Box for Summer DIY Parties

Ready to have a tropi-COOL party? Summer is here so start planning for a tropical party escape with warm breezes and some mellow steel drum music in the background. Here is a quick tutorial video on how to make my Tropicool Twist boxes with twisty, trendy monstera leaves on top.

After I made this video, I realized that the twisting of the leaves on top of the box was a bit more complex than the video described. So I decided to add some details here on my blog.


Start by die cutting six sides and one hexagon box bottom.Pieces_diecut

Fold all horizontal and vertical crease lines away from you. Fold all diagonal crease folds, including those in the leaves, towards you.

Adhere the bottom tab of all sides onto the hexagon bottom piece.Bottom_adhered

Adhere along all sides to create a tall, hexagon box.sides_adhered

Here is a top view looking into the box.Sides_looking_in

Work the diagonal folds around the top of the box to gently flatten and form the top.top_closed

Starting with one leaf, fold on the crease and tuck it under the folded leaf to the left. In this photo, the light teal leaf is folded and tucked under the right half of the green leaf.Leaf_fold0

Unfold the first leaf {light teal} so that half of it overlaps the leaf to the left {green leaf}Leaf_fold1

Repeat by folding the green leaf and tucking it under the light green leaf on its left.Leaf_fold2

Unfold the green leaf once it is overlapping the light green leaf.Leaf_fold3

Continue overlapping and unfolding each leaf until all six leaves are open. Note that the dark green leaf hasn’t been unfolded in the image below. Leaf_fold4

The completed Tropicool Twist box top shown belowFolded_top2

However you want to share some tropical treats, make the giving special with these hand-crafted, Tropicool Twist Boxes by Sizzix.

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