Barrel Cactus Christmas Treat Box

Ever have one of those craft-related “ah-ha!” moments? I was busy organizing my studio and suddenly came up with the thought that my Barrel Cactus 3D die actually creates a container that could be filled with treats. So I stopped working on my studio and tested out my idea and here is the result.

Here is a video for a quick tutorial, followed by step-by-step details below.


Supplies needed: Sizzix Barrel Cactus 3D die, BigShot machine, two pieces of 6″ x 12″ white cardstock, red tissue paper, two shades of green Distress Ink {I used mowed lawn and peeled paint}, Craft mat, water mister, liquid adhesive, die pick and candy filling.

Press and drag the Distress Ink across 12 inches of the craft mat leaving a little space between colors.

Spritz water on the ink to blend the colors.

Drag the paper across the ink to cover the entire sheet. Optional: Spritz a little more water to add more texture to the paper.

Create two sheets of inked paper. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Using the Barrel Cactus shape, die cut ten pieces making sure that they are all facing the same direction.

Lay out all of the pieces facing the same direction.

Begin assembly by inserting a die pick into a slot. This helps the next piece hook easier.

Insert the hook end of the next piece into the slot and gently hook them together. Notice that the two pieces hook together at a slight angle.

Hook and repeat until all ten pieces are connected. Gently lift up the first piece so it is layered above the last piece and insert the hook into the slot.

This will create a slight bowed shape which will flatten out when pressed gently.

If pieces become unhooked, you can use small bits of washi tape on the inside to hold them in place while assembling.

Turn the entire piece over. Remove any washi tape if used. Lift up one piece of the cactus so that the inked side is facing you.

Hook the next piece on the right onto the first piece as shown.

Repeat, going in a counter-clockwise pattern until all but one piece is hooked.

Fill with treats.

Hook the final piece to close the barrel cactus shape. Turn it over and gently shape the cactus into a ball shape.

Die cut at least 14 cactus flower shapes out of red tissue paper. Pinch each flower in the middle to create a base and allow the petals to remain fluffy.

Adhere each flower base to the top of the cactus in a cluster.

A fun, surprise treat for friends and family. Make it as simple or ornate as you wish. The important thing is that you are sharing treats to people who are special. Enjoy!

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