Succulent Art Journal Coloring Book

When I was given the opportunity to design a coloring book for Sizzix, I thought about what I would personally want from a coloring book. My first priority was to have well-drawn illustrations throughout the book. Second was to design the drawings to have multiple uses once completed. And third was to have areas of the drawings that could be beautiful if used as backgrounds for pocket pages.

Here’s a quick video introducing my Art Journal Coloring Book for Sizzix.

I did a lot of research on succulents for this coloring book. After looking at so many images, I realized that most of the succulents and birds were primarily from the Sonoran Desert of the United States.


I included my favorite succulent, which is an agave called Agave victoria reginae or the Queen Victoria Agave. I fell in love with the striking beauty of this plant when I was in college and did a drawing assignment at a local succulent nursery. When creating this coloring book, I knew I had to include this plant. Plus I love English history, and since this plant was named after Queen Victoria, I added some British stamps on the same page as this agave.


Here is the pen and ink illustration I did in college. It felt like I did a gazillion dots of ink to create the shading.


Here’s another secret about an image in my coloring book, on the “Explore” page, the map in the upper right corner is of downtown Los Angeles, California back when it was a much smaller town.

My mother was an excellent gardener and I remember seeing huge pots of Donkey Tail succulents {also known as Sedum Morganianum or Burro Tail}. I liked the way they “dripped” over the sides of the pot. I drew lots of drippy Donkey Tails on both my coloring book and on my Succulent Serenity paper pad.

Because this is also meant as a prompt for an art journal, I included images of a camera, cup of coffee and a typewriter. These were images that represented visual creativity, relaxation and creative writing. I also included words and short phrases that can be used as titles when creating an art journal page.

Finally, I also wanted to create drawings that had areas of fine detail as well as larger open areas to add washes of color or to add your own details if you wished.

So those are the stories of what inspired me to draw these illustrations. I hope you enjoy coloring this book and find many ways to display the finished art. You can frame an entire page, cut sections apart to use in an art journal or die cut sections to use as part of a pocket page layout or a card. My designs are always created as tools to help you express yourself. I hope you find my Art Journal Coloring Book as enjoyable as it was for me to design.

I would love to see what you create using my dies, stamps, paper or coloring book so please use the hashtag #LyndaCreates and share your inspiration.

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