Geometric Paper Ice Cream

Here is an end-of-summer Succulent Sunday project using my Geometric Holder die from my Succulent Serenity collection by Sizzix. The die is designed to be a holder for my succulents but I wanted to share a totally different use for this die.

Supplies: Geometric Holder die by Sizzix, BigShot die cutting maching, four 12″ x 12″ sheets of cardstock, liquid adhesive, narrow washi tape, bugle beads.

Begin by die cutting the Geometric holder out of three sheets of ice cream colored cardstock. You will need to cut five of the larger shape and one of the pentagon shape.

Fold all of the creases. For a more complete assembly tutorial check out my video below.

Adhere the bottom tabs to the pentagon shape.

Adhere the long side tabs to the pentagon shape next to it as we build up the sides.

Adhere the next long tab to the pentagon next to it and continue building the shape. Repeat these steps on all three ice cream colored papers to create three “scoops”

Leave the top flaps unglued until later.

Using the PDF template below, trace and hand-cut a cone shape.

Lightly draw the curved lines to indicate where the ridges of the “cone” will be located.

Apply the narrow washi tape to create the ridges on the cone.

Trim the excess washi tape and curl the paper to create a cone shape. Adhere the cone edges with liquid glue.

Apply adhesive to the flaps on the inside of the Geometric holder and attach to the top of the cone. Repeat with the second scoop on top of the first.

Add dots of liquid adhesive and attach small bugle beads as sprinkles to the top scoop.

Enjoy your end of summer ice cream!

Down load the free PDF Ice_Cream_Cone_Template.

More detailed assembly instructions to create the Geometric Holder.

This is a personal blog, but I am an employee and do receive financial compensation and material product from Ellison/Sizzix. This post contains affiliate links to help support my blog. You are not charged any extra cost for purchasing supplies using those affiliate links. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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