Welcome 2017!

Do you make New Year Resolutions? I have in the past but looking back, I made resolutions that I thought were expected of me. You know, the typical ones like “lose weight” or “read more” but my heart wasn’t in it.

And even the resolutions that I felt strongly about, like “Live with less”, seemed to lose traction although, looking back, I have learned to live with less but not as part of my conscious resolution.

This year I’ve decided to try practicing living with my “One Little Word” as both a big concept but by doing small steps. Life is like that, doing small steps that make a big impact in hindsight.

Tomorrow I will share my One Little Word for 2017.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017 filled with health, happiness and positive changes.


About Lynda

Senior Product Design for Sizzix and lifelong crafter on a mission to make the world prettier, one project at a time. I share my fun and crazy life with my English boyfriend, race-car-driving son and Carly, an Australian Shepherd mix dog. Please join me on this creative adventure.

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