Translucent Paper Star Lights

I recently designed a star-shaped box for the Sizzix eClips2 electronic cutting machine. You can find it in the eShape Store HERE. I use this machine all of the time at work and finally had a moment to design the Star Box just for the eClips.

This is a 3D Star Box but it has so many more uses. It was just made available right before the Fourth of July so I thought I would share some creative ways to use this design. Besides some perfect little party favor boxes, I wanted to make something a little more unexpected so I made party lights. Just think how pretty these would be around the Winter holidays.


I cut these out of thick translucent paper that I found at Kelly paper using my eClips2 machine. The eClips2 did some perfect scoring which made this project easy and accurate.


I sized the Star Box file so that the star was 3.25 inches wide. I cut it out and gently folded along all of the crease lines. The vellum has a tendency to tear if you press too hard on the crease lines. I used Glossy Accents to glue all of the tabs except the one with the notch. The notched tab allows the box to be opened and filled. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before continuing to the next step.

I used a standard, hand-held hole punch to increase the size of the notch in the one, unglued tab. To create the star shape, gently push the straight edges {between the star points} inwards towards the center of the star. Do this on all five sides.

Insert one “Christmas” light bulb and loosely close the notched tab around the wire.eclips_star_detail

Note: Please use caution when using any kind of paper with electrical lights. Do not leave the lights on while unattended.

I hope you have fun playing with other creative ideas using this Star Box. I have also recently drawn more cutting images for the eClips2 machine. These new designs are Halloween shapes especially designed for fabric appliqué purposes but can be used for cutting anything that the eClips2 can cut such as vinyl or paper. What I especially like is that the shapes can be resized for different uses and I am all about creating designs that can be used in many different ways.

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