Father’s Day Tool Box Picnic – Flashback

Living with two race car drivers/fans means that I tend to think a lot about cars. So what would be more perfect than a race-themed picnic for Father’s Day.


I started with a clean, new toolbox as my picnic basket and filled it with all kinds of picnic goodies.

The tablecloth is two yards of checkered fabric.


I included a vintage Thermos bottle with matching red, plastic food box that I filled with sandwiches.


I packed individual desserts made of fresh red strawberries, vanilla yoghurt and blueberries for a patriotic flair. I tied a spoon to the bottle using red tuille netting.


For the silverware, I used the Tim Holtz, Tire Tread stamp to create the napkin rings. I used permanent black ink to stamp on remnants of painter’s tarp then unraveled the edges a bit. I wrapped this around the rolled red napkin and attached a vintage red button.


For the racetrack themed centerpiece, I used a glass floral frog as the base and inserted dowels with race flags. You can make a game out of guessing what each flag means.


Because a regular ice chest just would have been too expected for this picnic, I decided to use this old galvanized floral bucket filled with ice to keep the drinks cold.


What a fun surprise for any father to find a picnic packed inside a tool box. This is really “Thinking outside the box”.

Happy Father’s Day!


About Lynda Kanase

Founder and Chief Designer of i-crafter Creative Products and current Crafter, Maker, Stitcher, Scrapper, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Instructor, Anglophile, Dog lover and Mom trying to make the world prettier, one project at a time. Please join me on this creative adventure.

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