Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange – Year 2

For the second year of our handmade ornament exchange, my sister and I had the theme of Cotton {traditional anniversary gift} or China {modern gift}.

Maybe it is the way my brain works but the minute I read “cotton” and “china” I decided to use cotton yarn and crochet a tea cup. I searched the internet and found a pattern for a crochet tea cup at TurtleDoveCoo.


I used to crochet a lot as a kid but I hadn’t tried it in many years. The moment I held the crochet hook and yarn, my hands knew exactly what to do. I could probably have used some practice in getting the tension more consistent but here is my “cotton china teacup”.

This was a fun project but I was not prepared for the mess that the fabric stiffener created.

Check back again for our third year Ornament. The theme was Leather {traditional} or Crystal/Glass {modern}. We added a special twist to this theme.

About Lynda

Senior Product Design for Sizzix and lifelong crafter on a mission to make the world prettier, one project at a time. I share my fun and crazy life with my English boyfriend, race-car-driving son and Carly, an Australian Shepherd mix dog. Please join me on this creative adventure.

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