Thanksgiving Table Runner – Flashback

I am not a cook. There! I’ve admitted it. I can cook but I just don’t like to cook. My interests are in other art forms. That is why I am so thankful that my Dear Handyman {wonderful boyfriend} and his son-in-law both like to cook, especially on Thanksgiving. So, a couple of years ago, to show my appreciation, I made a table runner as a gift. I used all thrifted materials that I found at estate sales because I am all about repurposing and upcycling in my crafting.


I got the idea for this project because the large bag of felt I had was filled with mostly Autumn colors. I began by using the Sizzix 3 inch Square Finished die to cut the background squares in several colors being careful to save enough for the leaves. I pinned the squares on a large single piece of felt used as the backing. I sewed along all of the edges to hold them in place.


Next, I hand-cut 44 leaf shapes {see PDF instructions below}. I moved the leaves around until I was happy with the color combination. I sewed diagonal lines through the center of all of the leaves.


To finish it off, I hand-sewed vintage buttons in the center of each leaf where they intersected.


Here is a PDF template for the leave shape.


I am thankful for so much in my life. Happy Thanksgiving!

About Lynda Kanase

Former Sizzix Senior Product Designer and current Crafter, Maker, Stitcher, Scrapper, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Instructor, Anglophile, Dog lover and Mom trying to make the world prettier, one project at a time. Please join me on this creative adventure.

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