Vintage Jewelry 3-D Christmas Tree – Flashback

I love hunting for treasures at estate sales and garage sales. You can usually find supplies for repurposed projects at a minimum cost. Back in 2012, I had found a jewelry tree where the costume jewelry was glued to a velvet-covered board and framed. It looked sadly tacky but there were so many pieces of jewelry that I had to find some way to repurpose it.

A year later, I finally created a fun repurposed project. I made a 3-D, modern version of the costume jewelry Christmas tree. Jewelry Tree

Here is what the original jewelry tree looked like:Original tree

I started by removing all of the jewelry pieces from the original tree. I separated the pieces that were in silver tones, white or pearl colors to use on this project.

For the base, I used a 9 inch Smoothfoam cone and added a stainless steel scrubber that I loosely pulled over the cone shape. It didn’t cover it completely but the idea was to create a filler so that after I added the jewelry, the foam base would not be seen.


I attached the jewelry bits using a hot glue gun. I placed the larger jewelry at the bottom working upwards to the smallest pieces.




Update: I originally created this in 2013 and now, two years later, I just found someone was creating and selling similar trees at a local, very expensive, boutique store. They were asking several hundred dollars per tree. I like mine too much and would never sell it but it is fun to think of it being worth that much.

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  1. Mary-The Boondocks Blog

    This is absoslutely gorgeous! And you can bet it would be worth that much money. Each piece is so unique and it makes for a spectacular whole. Happy Holidays to you!


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