Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange – Appliances

This is the fourth year that my sister and I are exchanging handmade Christmas ornaments. We base our theme each year on the anniversary gift suggestion for that year. Since this is the fourth year, the suggestion is Fruit/Flowers {traditional} or Appliances {modern}. I immediately thought of a little stove appliance covered with flowers.

Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange – Dream Catcher

This is the third handmade Ornament that I made for my sister. We base our ornament theme on the anniversary gift suggestion and this year it was Leather {traditional} or Crystal {modern}. We also added a twist this year because we both bought old player piano rolls while thrifting in Las Vegas so we agreed to […]

Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange – Year 2

For the second year of our handmade ornament exchange, my sister and I had the theme of Cotton {traditional anniversary gift} or China {modern gift}. Maybe it is the way my brain works but the minute I read “cotton” and “china” I decided to use cotton yarn and crochet a tea cup. I searched the internet and found […]

Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange

Beginning in 2012, my sister and I decided to exchange handmade ornaments based on the list of traditional and/or modern wedding anniversary gift suggestions. I am busy working on this year’s ornament but I thought I would do a Flashback of the three previous ornaments first. The first year’s theme was Paper {traditional} or Clock […]