Craft and Hobby Show 2016

Day one of the Craft and Hobby Show in Anaheim, CA. It was amazing, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. This was the first time that I actually demonstrated my own die designs. At one time my dream was to just be able to attend the show. Little did I know that one […]

Sizzix Sneak Peek – Clear Stamps

Clear stamps are nothing new to the crafting industry but these are exciting because they are the first ones I designed. Okay, maybe these are only exciting to me but I hope they make your creative life a little more fun. These stamps are also designed to be very versatile because I like to have the […]

Welcome 2016

  I am so excited about this new year. I have so much to be thankful for and I count my family and friends among my many blessings. I am especially grateful to my dear friend for giving me the opportunity to design more for Sizzix. This is going to be a truly amazing year!

Merry Christmas – Flashback

This has been the busiest Christmas season EVER! Besides the typical Christmas hustle and bustle, it is also the time when we are preparing for the big Craft and Hobby Association trade show in a couple of weeks. That means home AND work life is exceptionally hectic right now. The good news is that I […]

Blooming Christmas Stocking

I designed this Christmas stocking a few years ago for publication in Inspired Ideas. magazine. It was so exciting to be published. It has been a few years so I can now share the instructions and pattern here. The magic behind the “blooming” is using 100% cotton fabrics and a very hot dryer as the last step.

Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange – Appliances

This is the fourth year that my sister and I are exchanging handmade Christmas ornaments. We base our theme each year on the anniversary gift suggestion for that year. Since this is the fourth year, the suggestion is Fruit/Flowers {traditional} or Appliances {modern}. I immediately thought of a little stove appliance covered with flowers.

Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange – Dream Catcher

This is the third handmade Ornament that I made for my sister. We base our ornament theme on the anniversary gift suggestion and this year it was Leather {traditional} or Crystal {modern}. We also added a twist this year because we both bought old player piano rolls while thrifting in Las Vegas so we agreed to […]

Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange – Year 2

For the second year of our handmade ornament exchange, my sister and I had the theme of Cotton {traditional anniversary gift} or China {modern gift}. Maybe it is the way my brain works but the minute I read “cotton” and “china” I decided to use cotton yarn and crochet a tea cup. I searched the internet and found […]

Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange

Beginning in 2012, my sister and I decided to exchange handmade ornaments based on the list of traditional and/or modern wedding anniversary gift suggestions. I am busy working on this year’s ornament but I thought I would do a Flashback of the three previous ornaments first. The first year’s theme was Paper {traditional} or Clock […]

The Great Crafting Adventure Begins

Welcome to the new beginning for myself and my blog. I had, and still have another blog called that was originally about making things. Eventually it grew into having approximately half of the content about finding vintage treasures and the other half about crafting with those vintage items. And because I am thrifty, I love hunting for […]