I am a Maker and a Doer, an Artist, a Crafter and a Designer. I am guilty of having too many interests and not enough time to do everything. My “day job” is truly a dream-come-true. As the Senior Product Designer at Sizzix, I get to create my own designs for products such as craft dies, stamps and crafting paper.

To see more of what I’ve created for Sizzix, click HERE.

My passion has always been to make something. I paint, draw, sew, crochet, scrapbook, hammer and die cut every chance I get. I rarely watch television and hardly ever go to movies because I would rather spend the time making things. I haven’t always been this addicted to making things, I used to live a boring life.

My earliest memory is watching my mother sew on the sewing machine and wishing I were tall enough to reach the pedal. When I was finally tall enough to use the sewing machine, I remember making a stuffed llama out of green remnants {seriously, a green llama that I probably still have somewhere}. Eventually I went on to machine piece a quilt and then spent an entire Middle School Summer vacation hand-quilting the entire quilt.

I have a BA degree in Graphic Design which means I design anything that is printed. Check out my Portfolio page to see some examples of the things I have designed. During my career as a graphic designer, I’ve always crafted as a hobby. Scrapbooking became a wonderful outlet for my crafting and gathering {some would call it hoarding} tendencies.

Fast forward to the day I was hired at Ellison/Sizzix. Oh happy day! I felt I was finally among people who understood my obsession. I was hired as a graphic designer to create their packaging, catalogs and advertising. Occasionally I was given the opportunity to design a few dies. I was so thrilled and kept offering ideas for more designs. Eventually I asked to be a Product Designer and they said Yes!

And here I am!

My weekdays are spent designing my next line of dies, my weekends are sometimes spent teaching workshops with my current line and my evenings are usually spent creating with my designs and blogging about the results. “Busy” is my middle name!

But there are other things I enjoy, like traveling in our motorhome and thrifting at garage sales. I especially love collecting vintage world globes, old buttons, vintage Christmas decorations and old glove molds. I share my life with my hilarious English boyfriend {Dear Handyman}, my son {the race car driver who still plays with cars} and my Australian Shepherd rescue mix. Life is rarely boring and I like it that way.

Please join me in this adventure called Life.

Contact me: LyndaCreates@Cox.net

Disclaimer: I am an employee and Affiliate of Ellison/Sizzix, however, the content and my opinions here are entirely my own. This website exists for the purpose of sharing my personal creative ideas as both a crafter and designer. I love what I do and I do what I love.

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  1. Diane Ouellette

    I love your succulents suite! Bought almost all. Like making them….but I need some tips on keeping the bottom of the barrel cactus together, even getting the pieces in to start. Help….

    Liked by 1 person

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